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The purpose of this page is to provide details concerning the “Bubble Experiment” for couples interested in participating.

The Bubble Experiment will involve three couples who will commit to learning and practicing the Bubble for 30 days. Couples will then write a review of their experiences for sharing in a follow-up blog on GRWS.

The purpose of the experiment is to encourage more people to take an active role in learning about their sexuality by changing the Bubble from words on a page, into real life experiences.

And what better example is there, than a semi-public demonstration of three couples working to improve their relationships?

Here’s how it will all work:

All couples are welcome to apply. The only stipulation is that each of you must be committed to full participation.

All applicants are assumed to be in good health, without medical restrictions that would otherwise affect their participation.

Participants will be selected from among all applicants. The application period will close on August 30, 2016 unless extended by GRWS.

Applicants must be available and willing to participate in two video-conference calls each: as an individual – 30-minute call, and as a couple – 60-minute group call with me (David Ede).

Following the final conference call, couples will practice the Bubble for 30 days, then report on their experiences. A brief questionnaire will be provided, as well as room for unstructured comments and thoughts.

Applicants are welcome to remain completely anonymous; even choosing aliases on the application if they prefer. In any event, the true identities, email addresses or any other information submitted in connection of this “Experiment”, will not be used or shared for any purpose other than its administration.